Appetizer: BBQ Pork Belly Potato Skins
Slow roasted pork belly diced and stuffed into crispy potato skins with our house BBQ sauce, fresh jalapenos and Monterey jack cheese. Served with sour cream and garnished with scallions. $9.99
Bacon Wrapped Pork Drums
A trio of fried pork drums wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon and served with apple cider slaw and shoestring fries. $13.99
BBQ Ribs
Dry rubbed slow roasted ribs brushed with Guinness BBQ sauce and char grilled. Served with cheddar scallion mash and cole slaw. Half Rack $11.99 Full Rack $16.99
Fried Shrimp and Clam Platter
Crispy fried breaded shrimp and jumbo fried clams served with cole slaw, sweet potato fries, lemon, cocktail and tartar sauces. $12.99
New York Strip
A twelve ounce New York strip steak house seasoned and served with grilled asparagus and wild rice. $15.99
Shrimp and Catfish Jambalaya
Sauteed large shrimp and catfish with Andouille sausage in a spicy creole tomato sauce served over rice. Garnished with Asiago cheese and scallions. $13.99
Soups of the Day $3.59/cup $4.99/bowl
  • Garden Vegetable
  • Steak and Potato
  • Turkey Sausage Chili
Draft Beer Specials $3.50 Pints/$11.75 Pitcher
  • Climbin Bines Ye Olde Traverse English Ale
  • Uinta Wyld Extra Pale Ale
Other Specials
  • Winter Warmer Sangria. Clove, cinnamon, and orange infused BV Merlot served over ice in a pint, mixed with Woodchuck Dark and Dry cider. Garnished with an orange slice and a drunken cherry. $5.25