Chicken Delmar
Boneless chicken breast pounded thin and stuffed with a basil lemon asiago crab and lobster filling, oven roasted and drizzled with a roasted red bell pepper cream sauce. Served with garlic bacon Brussels sprouts and wild rice. $13.99
Crab And Lobster Cakes
House made lobster and crab cakes, Panko crusted, pan seared and drizzled with a lemon cream sauce. Served with wild rice and grilled asparagus. $14.99
Delmonico Steak
A ten ounce house seasoned Delmonico steak served with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. $15.99
Teriyaki Swordfish
Broiled swordfish steak brushed with out house Teriyaki sauce. Served over sesame stir-fry vegetables with a cilantro ginger quinoa pilaf. $14.99
Wild Boar Burger
A half-pound ground wild boar burger on a toasted rosemary focaccia roll with apple wood smoked bacon, horseradish chive Havarti cheese, a roasted garlic aioli, lettuce and tomato. Served with French fries. $13.99
Cajun Breaded Fish Fry
Try our delicious fish fry with this lightly Cajun seasoned breading. Served with French fries, Cole slaw & tartar sauce. $9.99 Cajun Fish Sandwich $7.99
Fish Fry
Fresh beer battered haddock served with French fries, Cole slaw & tartar sauce. $9.99 Try the fish broiled in white wine. $10.59
Fish Sandwich
Fresh beer battered haddock served on a hard roll with French fries, Cole slaw & tartar sauce. $7.99
Soups of the Day $3.59/cup $4.99/bowl
  • Carolina Seafood Chowder
  • Mushroom Barley
Draft Beer Specials $3.50 Pints/$11.75 Pitcher
  • Beak & Skiff 1911 Raspberry Hard Cider
  • Climbing Bines 100% NY IPA
  • Climbing Bines 100% NYS Pale Ale
Other Specials
  • Winter Warmer Sangria. Clove, cinnamon, and orange infused BV Merlot served over ice in a pint, mixed with Woodchuck Dark and Dry cider. Garnished with an orange slice and a drunken cherry. $6.25