Chicken Capicola Panini Wrap
Grilled chicken and capicola in a flour tortilla wrap with grilled eggplant, Asiago cheese, diced tomato, scallions and a lite tomato sauce, pressed Panini style. Served with french fries. $11.99
Salami Burger
House half-pound C.A.B burger topped with warmed salami, fried onion strands, jalapeno bread and butter pickles and Provolone cheese serve open-faced on toasted deli sliced jalapeno cornbread. Served with Parmesan dusted thick fries. $12.99
Salmon Salad
Pan seared lime pepper seasoned salmon over mixed greens with cucumber, sundried tomato, shredded carrots and an Italian seasoned Asiago, Parmesan Monterrey Jack cheese blend. Served with your choice of dressing. $13.99
Sausage And Pierogies
Flash fried potato cheddar pierogies and Andouille sausage sauteed in a smashed cauliflower and cheddar cheese cream sauce. Garnished with scallion. $12.99
Small Lunch? Hawaiian Turkey Salad Tortilla Bowl
A small flash fried flour tortilla bowl with house-made Hawaiian turkey salad (turkey, bacon, pineapple, jalapeno) and cheddar cheese. Garnished with diced tomato and fresh jalapeno. Served with small cup of soup or small house salad. $7.99
Soups of the Day $3.99/cup $5.59/bowl
  • Artichoke Roasted Red Bell Pepper Blush
  • Sausage Ravoiletti
  • Turkey Au Gratin
Draft Beer Specials $4.00 Pints/$13.75 Pitcher
  • Southern Tier Tangier IPA